Saturday, January 19, 2008

Jobless to the hilt

Right now I feel terribly jobless.
So much so that i even contemplated mugging.The fact that this thought crossed my mind (with so much time to go before the quizzes) has filled me with guilt.And somehow I am not finding any interesting reads on the net too(which by the way, I have been continuously from 3rd semester itself).
Generally when I am so bored , I resort to solving some problems off net on logic and number theory.Not that i know much of number theory, but it keeps me interested. Else there is always xkcd.But sadly I did not find it interesting either.

One of my friends suggested quantum computing.He is reading it and finds it very fascinating.But I don't seem to have enthusiasm to read anything right now.I think i will do a re-run of the best episodes of sitcoms.But I don't feel like doing it too.

I think I should do some work on modeling of data.I recently read some cool stuff on modeling of extreme events.But don't exactly know how is it to be done.So taking it 'light' for the moment.

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Navneet Sankara said...

Your First Comment, I presume?
Glad the honour's mine.
It's also nice to see references to me in there :)
Anyway, your discussion of the modelling of extreme events reminded me of this wonderful article...
In my state of utter joblessness (not for lack of work, only lack of enthu), I have been reading famous blogs on Math, Science, Economics etc. Try Quantum Pontiff or Cosmic Variance.
PS: The signing-in process brings to mind, a little adventure that I had, that also took a premature fatal blow :

Ankit Ashok said...

hey stud article da.

N kudos for ur decision to continue blogging .
I am sure anyone checking this out (including me) will find ur blog interesting

till then, to keep them interested - try to decipher what i want to remind you of -How I want a drink, alcoholic of course, after the heavy lectures involving quantum mechanics

Rajendra Joish said...

This is height of joblessness - writing a blog for being jobless.
Do something da... (I mean apart from being jobless).

Ankit Ashok said...

The very act of writing a blog on being jobless destroys the state of being jobless.

Macha I thought at least you will be able to figure it out.