Friday, February 26, 2010

Book review : if god was a banker : dont buy, dont even read even when offered for free.

I normally dont write book reviews, and thats mainly because almost all books I read, lead me to thoughts I enjoy more that writing a book review.

If there was one book that I felt that I wasted my money by buying it, it was this book.
Surely, 'There was a good guy and there was a bad guy. The bad used wrong methods to get ahead. But at the end the good guy won' such an story would probably seem inviting to a 10 year old, but not a mature audience.

And that brings me to another point that irritated me about the book. Who would do readers like me a favour and tell the author that mentioning sleaze does not make a book fit for a mature reader. The content should be such that one does not feel like being treated like a kid.

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Amazon allows Macmillan ebooks to be priced higher after Apple row

Just read this news, that Amazon will increase the prices offered for Macmillan books from USD 9.99 currently to 14.99 and 12.99.

This is significant because Amazon had long been a sort of monopoly in the ebook business ( With all due respect Sony - your Reader did not make a dent), and had the power to arm twist publishers. But with Apple getting into the foray with its iPad, Kindle (Amazon's ebook reader) expects some serious competition.

The publishing houses long believed they were not making enough profit through the ebook business. This emergance of competition will help them get better money for their products. Maybe things will improve for them from now on.

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