Thursday, March 20, 2008

Random thoughts

First things first - Holi Hai !!! I wish all of you, a joyful and colorful Holi.

Quizzes are almost over , and I am back to one of those phases when my thoughts develop a philosophical overtones (and foodological too !!).

The below mentioned thoughts tried to occupy the same space-time coordinates as my brain .So these had to enter it.The list is in the order of me recollecting them.

Everyone lives for a fixed number of steps from start to end.
The step size is equal to the capability of the individual * his or her lifetime /No of steps.
I postulate that the no of steps would be fixed to 7 , for it the only number that all religions hold sacred.And since these claim to be a link to God, I think , 7 will be "THE CHOSEN ONE".
A person who works hard will go on increasing his when i mentioned capability in step size, i meant the instantaneous capability.

These cute things with yellow tops and long legs drive me crazy.
No You pervert, I wasnt referring to one of those hot females u hear all to often but get to see equally rare.
I was in fact thinking about capacitors . Those little things that come with long legs and a yellow top never function as we want them to , and then the circuit doesnt function properly , and then we break our head over it repeatedly.Though as a matter of fact , capacitors work better that some of the other components we use, like ICs .You will have absolutely no clue if an IC is working fine until you get the desired response. If it does behave properly, IC is fine.Else it could be a million of reasons u dint get the desired output, of which IC cupping is one.

After finishing a good meal , You know what is heaven.
Food is the basic reason for everything a human does.No one can work hard if one does not get proper food.In fact until you know what good food tastes like , you will not know what you are missing .Like after coming to IIT , I roamed around nearby and then decided that one doesnt get very good food in Chennai . So I was kind of ok eating at mess.But 3 years and numerous treats hence, I realize that one indeed gets good food at this place, One just need to know about the right restaurant .Since we are physically close to Besant Nagar area , I definitely know that you can get good food at fair price at at least two places there.One is Dawat - a small shop specializing in non -veg items. and other is Eden - a veg restaurant.Both being mind blowing !!! Any one in Chennai , who hasnt visited any of these places, you have missed something.

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Condom said...

Nice one!

arun said...

first of all happy holi.
Seriously that tiny little capacitor has the power to ruin a whole circuit. i have been on the receiving end many a times. I think next time u should put to words one of your lab ordeals. that will make fitting blog.
btw nice one.

Rajendra Joish said...

dont u think blogging is waste of time and bullshit?

Well, I dont :D

Rajendra Joish said...

dont u think blogging is waste of time and bullshit?

Well, I dont :D

Mishra said...

Nice philosophy!
btw that assuming that description of capacitor the other way doesn't show being pervert, rather its quite normal :)

Satyam Kumar said...

abe iit ne teri kya halat kar di..
capacitor pe hi..

Ankit Ashok said...

@ Arun
What I go through in lab is too painful an experience to recollect ,especially for a blog posting.

@ Joish
Neither do I !!

See!! I had told u that u r a pervert ;)

Ab yahi kismat hai to kya karoon yaar