Monday, November 10, 2008

You only get to live once

I know this is a weird thought. weird not in the freaky way, but in the everyone-knows-it-but-lets-not-talk-about-this way.

It does not feel nice to be talking about death, at least not amongst youngsters. No one needs to be reminded that this is his/her last chance at this planet.(or,for the reincarnation believers, at least in this particular form, and with this name).

I don't know why or how, this thought popped into my head today morning. And since then it has infiltrated each of my neurons. All I have been thinking of today is that One gets to live only once.

So now I would like to pen, type down my understanding of this statement.

For one it indicates that since we are allowed only one life, we should not waste it in any form,one must do all the wild stuff to make the best use of their stay on this planet. But it also means that we need to get things right the first time! We don't get to change this back or correct it the next time!

It also means that we cant choose to defer helping others, for we might not be around for long enough to help them. It also means that we need to get our priorities right the first time, for we might not have time to correct it later on.

So everyone who is reading this blog, please do call up your parents and tell them how much you love them(U never know if you will be able to do so later). 

It also is a reminder that whatever we do for work, it will always be related to us. So any unscrupulous deed of ours will always to associated with us and that we might not be able to rectify it.

So I am thinking in terms of banning procrastination.  If there is a job to be done, it should be done right away, of course going by the priority order. And I believe that every person has,or at least should have, a priority order for the tasks he/she has to do. whether it is to do with choosing to play cricket with the family or designing pumps for nuclear reactors, everyone implicitly knows what precedes what. Work is important as the individual, but friends & family is what you are as a person.

And I believe that only a 'person' can perform well in any organisation. The days of I-can-give-the-customer-any-color-car-as-long-as-it-is-black are long gone. Only the people who treat other people who respect others can get respected in return and build an organisation.

One more thing about being ready to die the next moment is that we need to be loving whatever we are doing, always. So the moment of our exile is filled with joy and excitement. And my personal experience tells me that I perform much better while doing things that I love. 

PS - This is the summary of all that has crossed my mind today. I tried to recollect and reorder my thoughts while writing it, but please excuse me for any incoherence or digression that might have crept in.

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