Thursday, May 7, 2009


I have written a lot about my Reliance intern but not about my other internship at ITC. I worked on improving the energy efficiency in their manufacturing unit at Munger cigarette factory.

Right now I am interning at IBM, Banglore. I will be working on verification of chips. I have just started out, so dont really know whats in store. Will keep you guys posted.

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Oval said...

Hehe...pseud putter...telling about your interns!!! Send your blog as resume to companies - lot of matter in it ;).

Ankit Ashok said...


I had such a thought on my mind, now that you have independently expressed the same opinion, I think I will send a link to my blog instead of my resume :P

indira said...

Ah trust me .. it'll click .. Quite well :) A lot intrigued by some of your posts! Keep it up . No, seriously .

Ankit Ashok said...

@Indira: Will try doing that!