Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My foodie fantasies

I often fantasize about food.
Of course I have dreams where I create technology to the obliterate energy shortage of the world. It generally is a amalgamation of more efficient machines and in-situ electricity generation. But this post is not about that. Its about my food dreams.

I dream about being surrounded by tandoori items - from murg angara to chicken tikka, from fish tikka to rosht ghost. In my sleep, I can almost feel the taste on my taste buds.

Then there are other nights where I am in a orchard specializing in nothing in particular - infact, it has grapes, apples, chikus, watermelons & bananas - all at the same place. Entierly mindful of the fact that there is a very little chance of having a the suitable climate for it to happen, I allow myself a little leeway - for its just a dream!

Then there are nights where I conjure up images of my mother cooking some wonderful food for me. Any food that she cooks tastes delicious to me - As I believe, is the case with everyone else.

Then there are nights where I have a full punjabi meal with makke-di-roti , sarson-da-saag & lassi. On other nights, I don a more continental taste with lasagna, steak & baked bowl finding favour.

PS- This post have been specially prepared for those people who are planning to throw a party. If your platter includes any of the aforementioned items, please do call me. I will grace the occasion with my presence. :P

PPS- If you dont know my address/phone number, and want to invite me for a party, no problem. just email me at . I WILL contact you.

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Oval said...

Stud...the post shows your passion for food...and I am damn sure that anyone reading this post will surely have his/her thoughts instantly directed towards the items mentioned by you, as was the case with me...although I am a vegetarian, I couldn't stop myself visualizing even the non-veg dishes kept in front of me...However, nice try that anyone would let you know if they are putting treat...Nice Post!!! Keep it up!!! looking forward to more such 'Foodly' posts!!!

Ankit Ashok said...


I am hoping against logic that someone will invite me for a treat :)