Friday, June 19, 2009

Different career options

This is something I wrote for the kids in school who want to choose a career which is non-traditional. As the academic coordinator for my school alumni association, We have posted it on my school notice board so to help students there.

I chose the path less traveled.

1) Art manager - One problem with Artists all over the world is that they are poor at marketing their art. This often means that they dont get the kind of money while they are alive as they get later on. As an art manager, you will have to take care of an artist's business. So that it allows him/her to make best use of his/her time while not worrying about a source of income.

This would require an understanding of the art and good convincing powers to get buyers to exhibitions.

2) Physio - Sports persons need a physio to look after their daily exercise and training while returning from an aliment.

This would require a good understanding exercises and what diet helps in what function besides some idea about the load a injured body can take so that it recovers fast.

3) Safety Engineer - Buildings often require someone who can certify that the building is safe for its designated use. All buyers of residential flats are advised to look for such a certification about its safety. Likewise, In an industrial setting, Companies often want to make sure that their building is safe to work in. That involves besides the safety of the structure, the environment at the place.

This requires knowledge about protection measures, lighting and ventilation requirements for residential and work usage, building structure testing and evacuation plans.

4) Environmental effect analyzer - There is a growing concern about human activity's detrimental effects on the environment. An EEA will have to look at different actions being taken by corporates and advising them so that the adverse effects are minimal.

With Copenhagen conference in less than six months from now, expect such jobs to be on a boom very soon.

This would require an aptitude for understanding various factors which affect the local and global eco-system, and more importantly, an ability to transform practices from worse to bad.

5) Energy Auditor - Energy costs are soaring right now. Everyone wants to cut down on their electricity wastage. In such situations, an energy auditor can pitch in with information on where the bulk of the wastage is happening and ways to reduce it.

An energy auditor to be effective will have to be a jack-of-all-trades. A person who has a working knowledge of various electrical and mechanical equipments, operations, and is aware of the various technologies available to solve a particular problem.

6) Web 2.0 Evangelist - The internet has revolutionized the way the world does business today. Your local shopkeeper can tell you about the latest offers at his place, you buy things from half way across the globe with the click of a button.

Businesses that fail to realize this potential, are losing their advantage. Most companies are awaking up to the reality that web 2.0 is, and this means that they need someone to promote their brand and business on the web - through twitter, facebook, youtube etc.

Passion for internet technology, and a knack for advertising without irritating the viewer is all that is required. On the net, the consumer has much more control over content than it the more traditional methods of advertisement - thats what makes it more challenging.

7) Event manager - Organizing an event is no mean job. One needs to ensure that everything is in place when its required. Besides the onus of publicizing the event also falls on the event manager.

People who know how to deal with people from all walks of life, can handle pressure and know how to get resources when in need are ideally suited for such a job.

8) Compering - This is the job for the fun-loving! Hosting an event, keeping the audience involved, pulling the crowd!

But, this is not for people who are shy and reserved. Only someone who gets along with people very well and fast, is a quick thinker and is spontaneous can make the cut here.

9) Architect - The infrastructure in India is expected to grow rapidly in the next few years. For that, we would need a lot of architects who can come up with engineering marvels that the country requires.

Creativity, along with building fundamentals is the quality to look for here.

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Abhishek (UGRI) said...

Nice one!

Ankit Ashok said...

Thanks yaar.

Hope the kids find it useful too.

indira said...

That's some idea. Was a good read!

Ankit Ashok said...

Hope a few people dont end up as moronic engineers.