Friday, February 26, 2010

Book review : if god was a banker : dont buy, dont even read even when offered for free.

I normally dont write book reviews, and thats mainly because almost all books I read, lead me to thoughts I enjoy more that writing a book review.

If there was one book that I felt that I wasted my money by buying it, it was this book.
Surely, 'There was a good guy and there was a bad guy. The bad used wrong methods to get ahead. But at the end the good guy won' such an story would probably seem inviting to a 10 year old, but not a mature audience.

And that brings me to another point that irritated me about the book. Who would do readers like me a favour and tell the author that mentioning sleaze does not make a book fit for a mature reader. The content should be such that one does not feel like being treated like a kid.

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