Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chatting - His and Hers Hi : Hey, Hi
                                         How are you? Hope you remember me, we met last night
                                          I am fine. was just sitting and thinking how awesome yesterday was. : yes, it was good. DJ Raunak does infuse life in a party. .Yes, he most certainly does.
                                          Btw, the music wasn't the only thing that awesome yesterday. : is it? I did not notice anything else being cool.  Hmm, ah well, hmm ya , as in
                                           ya, there weren't too many things happening also. : Though I was asked on the dance floor by an OK type guy. :) It was small gathering anyway
                                          I am sure that guy would be awfully flattered at being considered OK :) : Hmm, I do try to bring smiles to people, you know. You know, I was scared that I might forget your email id - after all we had had enough booze to sedate an entire army :) : You had had a lot more than me.
                                         and why do you think I wrote my id down and gave it to you? :)
                                         Btw, totally love these expressions you come up with. You have read such expressions before? 
                                          :( I was hoping  to impress you with these :( : Yes, I read them on your blog. And you have read my blog too. So its like I dont have an iota of chance to impress you. : You really are as naive as you sounded yesterday.
                                         First up, I would like to know more about the guy I was dancing with last night. -                                               Atleast more than his name is Ankit and works at an Investment bank.
                                          And if I were you, I would try to capitalize on the fact that girl has read my blog - rather than ruing how I could have lifted things from there. :P Being verbose is not something that comes naturally to me
                                          I typically need a lot of alcohol in my system before that happens :) : :)
                                         I can at least vouch for you being verbose when inebriated :) Anyway, if I remember correct, you are a Mexican food specialist chef at a five star hotel. : I like that you could manage to remember so much from last night.
                                         Yes, I am chef (you could guess that from the id itself  :) )
                                         Let me see if you remember something not-so-obvious Hmm, not-so-obvious .. Telling you that you have an extremely pretty smile would be extremely obvious, so thats ruled out.
                                         And that the way that you remove those hair strands from in front of your face - it makes my knees go weak. - but even that might be obvious
                                          Something that might not be so obvious to you is that to muster the courage to talk to you, I had to gulp down much more beer than I normally do. : I like it when flirting is concealed under a sheath of "ah-so-obvious" ramblings :)
                                         And btw, it WAS obvious to me :) Now, thats interesting ..
                                          btw, you mentioned that you were moved by the plight that regionalism has brought and the hinderance it creates for national growth. : Yes, it sad, isn't it?
                                         National integration is indeed a burning problem right now. Whats the point of the country growing if all the people do not get some benefit out of it. Yes, and stopping people from working at certain areas, just reduces the economic efficiency of operation. If the leaders see this nation as a single entity, they would try to distribute resources as to develop the entire nation rather than parts of it. : Though we definitely dont a China-type communist rule - The government deciding where and what to invest. It would probably be best to frame policies to allow for growth everywhere and let economics take over from there on. Bingo ! If you were not a chef, you could have been an economist.
                                          Though I doubt if they dont automatically disqualify girls over a certain level of beauty. : What amazes me is that you can get to flirting from any topic. Don't you get bored of it? Someone once quipped about quitting smoking - "I have quit smoking many a times, but to be unnatural and not appreciate the beauty in front, its a insult to both the beauty and its maker." : Too much of cheesy lines can expand your waistline, you know? Is it?
                                          So do you leave calories count note of the kind "Without any chessy lines - 300. With a bit of flattery - 375. With pure and unabridged adulation - 550"? : :)
                                          I haven't done that yet, but now I have a mind to do that :)
                                          But before that I will have to ask my manager if he would be fine with such explanatory notes :) Good work ethos dictate that you do that.
                                          would you need some help in convincing your manager, do call in the (free) services of the author. : Hmm, I don't think it would be a good thing to take someone to pitch an idea for me.
                                        Maybe I can get more details sorted out about this idea before I meet him. Ya, that makes sense. How about tomorrow night, at 8?
                                           We can have a nice dinner and maybe discuss things there. : Seems good to me.
                                         See you tomorrow. And we will discuss only this idea then :) Yes, sure we will :) : Anyway, good night. got to get to work early to leave early. Good night.

And Mars and Venus continue to find excuses to bump into each other

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chams said...

nice post..... you seem to be writing full on on the topic of his and hers, you can start a separate blog on this :) .....anyways good work

Ankit Ashok said...

Thanks Chams

I am glad you like it. And I seem to like writing such posts. Maybe after sometime, if I still feel like it, I will start a new blog.

PS - Chams here is not to be confused with Chama in the post. :)


this is really is a great post for guys like me often get bored and struck in a conversation with gals and found it hard to drive it their way

Ankit Ashok said...

@Soulblogger: Glad that this might help you :)

Its basically about saying what you want to say
and when you like someone enough, everything will fit into a form that will be appealing to the other person.

Ankit Ashok said...

@Yun Yu, Jing-Ling Yi crownless, Mainland and Taiwan : I will have to delete your comments as they have links to websites that I suspect are infested.

Ashish said...

can a girl really be impressed by a blog ?? just a thought.. :)

Ankit Ashok said...

@Ashish : Sure, if you write something that might interest them.

Try publicising your blog in Gorakhpur, and keep your fingers crossed :)

Sriram Agrawal said...

Now dat was an interesting piece to read...

Ankit Ashok said...

Thanks and welcome to my blog Sriram.

Hope you enjoy some other posts here too.

Tanwi Kiran said...

give it a break !!

Tanwi Kiran said...

give it a break !!

Ankit Ashok said...

@Tanwi: What? You did not like my post?