Monday, April 5, 2010

His and Hers

How can buying a pair of shoes be such a big deal? Why is Amrita making such  a fuss about me not accompanying her shoe-shopping? Maybe she is really tired, but then she shouldn't go - I don't understand this fixation with shopping! Bah, women!

How can Rahul not want to join me for shopping! We should now start doing things together. Just the other day he said he likes my shoes. Now that I want him to come and suggest things to me - not that I will allow him to choose, he has terrible sense of clothing and everything else associated with it. But still, we must spend time doing things as couples now. The way he seems to be avoiding such stuff gets me worried - is he not committed to make this work?

Its not as if I am going to choose shoes - or that she will let me do that. So whats the point of me going there?

I bet he has one of those stupid matches coming up. I just hate it when he does that. Everytime, everytime that we have to go somewhere - one of those cricket or football matches will be airing. And he will make some stupid excuses and abscond from whatever we were supposed to be doing. He does not even listen to me while the match is at "interesting" stage. Games are so passive! His, or for that matter anyone's viewing is not going to affect anything on the ground, so why bother watching. But who is to drill this logic in his head? That's why I have put the remote in a "safe" place so that he does not waste his time watching stupid things.

There is nothing to do now, I don't even seem to find the stupid remote. God knows where I kept it the last time. Amrita still expects me to go for that stupid shoe shop. Maybe I should go. Then after coming back, I can ask her to search for the remote. She is pretty good at finding things that get lost around here. She even found that Mumbai Indians t-shirt that I wore almost everyday before it was lost somewhere in the house itself. I love my wife!

Rahul has agreed to come shoe shopping with me! I am so fortunate to have such a caring husband. He is not the kind who professes his love, but he could not stand me going alone - and it gladdens me to no end. I will return the remote as soon as we get back here. I love my husband!

And Mars and Venus coexist.

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Shruti said...

Lolmaxxx...well, to be honest, similar situations still play out, despite five years in the relationship..and come to think of it, my parents would agree to it (the same issues ie), despite what, 24 yrs of marriage :P. And, dude, there is no solution..despite what Mr John Gray claims in his book :P. And the fun would go if Mars and Venus stopped being the way they are ;)

fa2 said...

Bursted myself to laughter over and over again. Oh my god !! Nice post man. But Mars is incomplete without venus ain't it ?

Ankit Ashok said...

@ Shruti : Am glad that I could churn out something close to reality.
And totally agree to your point, the fun would evaporate if Mars and Venus ceased being different.

Ankit Ashok said...

@Fa2 : Thanks man.
I would like to believe that the same holds vice versa also, ie, Venus is incomplete without Mars too. But we cant really be sure of whats going on in Venus :)

ghazni...... said...

JG dude i didn't knew that u r quite a writer.....awesome be!!!!!

Ankit Ashok said...

@Ghazni : Coming from someone who has been a next-door-neighbour for 5 years, and an unwilling victim of my "inspirational ideas", thats a big compliment :)

Btw, now you should also start writing blogs.

chams said...

very impressive......
I really thought for a moment that you have taken it from somewhere else because of the script and all, it looked so professional, but since you have clarified my doubts, I ought to appreciate your effort.....great work seriously, keep it up

Ankit Ashok said...

The fact that you thought it was professional, gladdens my hearts like anything.

And yes, I intend to keep it up :)